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Perceptual Skills, Part I

Last week Dr. Durocher and I were chatting about perceptual skills and what each meant. Before starting Vision Therapy, we evaluate every child through a Perceptual Motor Evaluation (PME). It is about 1.5 hours of testing and we examine each perceptual skill. Each of...

Teacher Resources

School is back in session! In a previous post, I have blogged about how our vision can affect our learning abilities. With school starting back up, our office is seeing children with common symptoms like skipping lines when reading, poor penmanship, and loss of focus....

Healthy Eyes

Let’s talk about food! We have all heard “you are what you eat,” right? That could not ring more true. What we put into our bodies truly affects us and how we function. Today we are going to talk about some foods that keep our EYES healthy! We can do...

Vision Therapy Resources

>With the cool air coming into Nashville, it lets us know that summer has almost come to an end. Not only that but with the sight of school buses and crossing guards, we know school is back in session! I hope they start of school has been great.   Today’s...