Justin Reid, O.D.

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Justin Reid, O.D.

Dr. Reid is a trusted optometrist with OPMT Vision Centers who provides compassionate eye care. He offers a wide range of services, such as comprehensive eye exams, eye disorder detection and management, and vision correction.

After graduating from East Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Dr. Reid chose to work in eye care after shadowing an optometrist who inspired him to dedicate his career to improving people’s lives. He then went on to attend the Kentucky College of Optometry at the University of Pikesville, where he earned his Doctor of Optometry.

A Tennessee native, Dr. Reid has previously lived in a few cities around the state, in addition to Pikeville, KY, and Barboursville, WV. He now resides in Gallatin with his wife, Kelley, their two cats, Darcy and Harley, and their dog, Ody. When he’s not at the office, Dr. Reid loves playing board games with friends and family, kayaking, reading, and writing short stories. He can even juggle!

Dr. Reid enjoys collaborating with the team at OPMT Vision Centers to ensure excellent care for patients of all ages. He is proud to provide personalized services with the most advanced diagnostic technology to enhance his patients’ comfort and the thoroughness of their care.


  • Nashville

    4322 Harding Pike Suite 214 Nashville, TN 37205 P. 615-551-4264

  • Portland

    605 South Broadway Portland, TN 37148 
    P. 615-265-6295

  • Lafayette

    105 Main Street Lafayette, TN 37083
    P. 615-551-4639

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Dr. Reid’s Services

Vision Therapy Icon

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy helps improve vision by strengthening the relationship between the eyes and the brain.

Low Vision Rehabilitation Icon

Low Vision Rehabilitation

Low vision is a visual impairment that worsens over time and cannot be improved using corrective eyewear or surgery.

Eye Treatment Icon

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye disease is caused by poor quality or quantity of tears, and can cause long-term corneal damage if left untreated.

Myopia Control icon

Myopia Control

Corneal molding, or orthokeratology, is used to slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness), primarily in children.