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Dry Eye Therapy in Tennessee

At OPMT Vision Centers, our experienced Tennessee physicians are committed to staying at the forefront of developments in optometry to provide you with optimal eye care. We diagnose and manage a number of eye conditions, using the latest technology to ensure that each patient has access to the most effective solutions available today, no matter how unique their concerns.

Dry eye disease is a common condition, but it’s often misdiagnosed. Read on to learn more about dry eye disease, and how our physicians detect and manage it to provide patients with maximum relief.

What is Dry Eye Disease?

Dry eye disease, or simply dry eye, is a condition in which the eyes produce inadequate tear volume or poor tear quality. This can lead to dryness and irritation, which can not only be uncomfortable, but can also lead to corneal damage in the long term.

Do you have dry and irritated eyes?

If yes, you may qualify for OASIS-1, an investigational eye drop study. The study requires 6 office visits over 14 weeks. If you qualify for this study, you will receive study examinations and investigational product at no cost. You will be compensated for your time and travel costs.

What Causes Dry Eye Disease?

Our eyes rely on a healthy, balanced tear film to stay lubricated, so if not enough tears are produced — or the ones that are produced are imbalanced — it can lead to dry eyes.


Woman suffering from Inadequate Tear Volume

Inadequate Tear Volume

Our tears are produced by several different glands located in and around our eyelids. The aging process can cause us to produce fewer tears, but some medical conditions and medications can also impact our ability to produce tears. Even with an adequate tear volume, different environmental factors such as wind and dry climate can cause dry eye symptoms.

Woman Suffering From Poor Tear Quality

Poor Tear Quality

Our tears are made up of three main components: an oil layer, a water layer, and a mucous layer. The mucous layer ensures an even coating of tears across the eye, while the oil layer keeps the tears from evaporating too quickly. Since each layer has a different job, and if any of the three are unbalanced, it can result in dry eye — even if the eyes are overproducing tears.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Dry Eye

The symptoms of dry eye disease are often similar to eye conditions, like digital eye strain and ocular allergies, which is why it’s important to see an eye doctor if you’re experiencing the following:

  • Tired, red, itchy, burning eyes
  • Foreign body sensation
  • Light sensitivity
  • Blurry vision
  • Trouble driving at night
  • Excessive tearing

If left untreated, these symptoms will worsen and become more uncomfortable. This can lead to corneal abrasions, which can become infected and even cause vision loss.

When you come to OPMT Vision Centers for a dry eye consultation, our physicians will conduct a comprehensive eye exam, as well as take the time to sit down with you and learn more about your lifestyle in order to make a diagnosis. We also use advanced diagnostic equipment like LipiView® to rule out specific causes of dry eye disease.

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How is Dry Eye Treated?

If our physicians diagnose you with dry eye disease, your treatment plan will be tailored to your individual needs to address the specific cause of your dry eyes. Our treatments include:

Women needing Meibomian Gland Expression for Dry Eye in Tennessee
If we determine there’s a problem with the oil layer of your tears, meibomian gland expression is an in-office treatment that uses heat and eyelid massage to break up any solidified oil clogging the eye’s oil-producing glands, ensuring a proper tear film.
Medicated Eye Drop
Unlike artificial tears, which offer temporary relief of dryness by providing the eyes with lubrication, medicated eye drops will help combat dry eye by reducing inflammation and helping your eyes produce more of their natural tears.
LipiFlow® for Dry Eye treatment
LipiFlow® is a revolutionary device that combines meibomian gland expression and warm compress therapy to provide relief from dry eye symptoms, if the cause of the symptoms is blockage in the eye’s oil-producing glands.
Punctal plugs for Dry Eye Treatment
Punctal plugs are tiny, biocompatible caps that are placed in your tear ducts to prevent your tears from draining too quickly. This increases your tear volume and can provide relief from some forms of dry eye disease.

Dry Eye Treatment in Nashville

Dry eye disease is a chronic condition, but it can be managed with the right tools and expertise. By addressing underlying causes of dry eye instead of providing temporary solutions, the physicians at OPMT Vision Centers help patients find relief from dry eye disease every day. Call us now to schedule a dry eye consultation at your nearest OPMT office today!

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