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Eye Exam Services in Tennessee

Eye Exam Services in Tennessee

Annual eye exams are essential to maintaining healthy eyes and clear vision, but not all eye exams should look the same. Your eye exam should be tailored to you, taking into account your age, family history of vision problems, and any preexisting medical conditions that could affect your sight.

At OPMT Vision Centers, our experienced physicians use the latest technology and diagnostic equipment to perform comprehensive eye exams that consider everything that makes you and your eyes unique. We take the time to get to know you and understand your needs in order to give you an eye care experience you won’t find anywhere else.


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Our Middle Tennessee Eye Doctors

Our team of physicians at OPMT Vision Centers provide comprehensive eye exams and a range of specialty services including low vision therapy and dry eye management. Led by Richard Durocher, O.D., our eye doctors are dedicated to staying current with research in their field to provide our patients with the most advanced, effective eye care solutions possible.

Our Eye Exam Services

Annual comprehensive eye exams are critical when it comes to ensuring your eyes are healthy and your vision is good, but an eye exam should go above and beyond simply testing your vision and updating your prescription. We believe an eye exam should be customized to fit your needs, and we offer a variety of eye exam services for this reason.

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Adult and Senior Eye Exams
During a comprehensive eye exam for adults, our specialists assess your near and distance vision and screen for signs of any eye diseases that could threaten your sight. Since the risk for eye conditions increases in older adults, we take special care to monitor, treat, and manage eye diseases during senior exams.
Eye Exam for Children
Children’s eyes are prone to different conditions than those of adults, and eye exams for children need to account for this. Since younger children may not be able to verbalize problems with their eyesight, annual children’s eye exams are essential to ensuring healthy eye development.      
Diabetic Eye Exam
Diabetes can affect the body in major ways, including having an impact on your sight. In fact, diabetes may even be first detected and diagnosed during an eye exam. If you are diabetic or at risk for diabetes, we take into account the different ways diabetes can affect the eyes while conducting an examination.
Contact Lenses and Eye Exams
Some patients find that contact lenses are more suited to their lifestyle, but every eye is unique, and contact lenses are not one-size-fits-all. Our contact lens exams and fittings focus on ensuring an optimal contact lens fit, so you can see well and comfortably, and we carry a variety of brands and styles.


Tennessee Eye Exams

No matter your age, vision, or health concerns, our trusted physicians and compassionate staff at OPMT Vision Centers are ready to help. Call us to schedule an eye exam today.

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