Richard D. Durocher, O.D.

Richard D. Durocher O.D.

Richard D. Durocher, O.D.

Richard D. Durocher, O.D. is a board certified optometrist specializing in vision rehabilitation, low vision, and vision therapy services. As a lifelong Middle Tennessee resident, he is committed to providing excellence in eye care and enhancing the quality of life for patients in his community—and people everywhere—by helping to develop new products and procedures.

For nearly two decades, Dr. Durocher has been heavily involved in clinical research on a variety of eye care topics, including ocular surface disease, contact lenses, and contact lens care systems. He has authored numerous articles that have been published in medical journals. His expertise and studies on eye care products have created an international demand for his lectures.

Dr. Durocher previously served as president for the State Association of Optometric Physicians and currently serves on the Southern Educational Congress of Optometry (SECO) Board as President-Elect. Highly respected among his peers, Dr. Durocher received the Optometrist of the Year award from the Tennessee Association of Optometric Physicians in 2011.

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Dr. Durocher’s Services

Vision Therapy Icon

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy helps improve vision by strengthening the relationship between the eyes and the brain.

Low Vision Rehabilitation Icon

Low Vision Rehabilitation

Low vision is a visual impairment that worsens over time and cannot be improved using corrective eyewear or surgery.

Eye Treatment Icon

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye disease is caused by poor quality or quantity of tears, and can cause long-term corneal damage if left untreated.

Myopia Control icon

Myopia Control

Corneal molding, or orthokeratology, is used to slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness), primarily in children.


On the weekends, Dr. Durocher enjoys high-performance auto racing and is a highly experienced, instrument-rated pilot, often flying his own aircraft to speak at lectures across the Southeast. He lives in Middle Tennessee with his wife, Tarron, and children, Haley and Connor.

“I have tremendous respect for people and thank them for putting their trust in me as a physician, seeking to enhance their quality of life,” says Dr. Durocher. He demonstrates this attitude through his community service efforts, including providing eye care to Special Olympic athletes and donating gift certificates for glasses and eye care to the homeless.