Eye Care in Nashville

Personalized Eye Care in Nashville, Tennessee

At Optometric Physicians of Middle Tennessee, we provide patients and their families with a personalized eye care experience, combining the most advanced examination and diagnostic technology with the eye care industry’s most experienced physicians. From annual eye exams to treatment for an extensive array of vision conditions, we deliver high-quality eye care to every one of our patients at all six OPMT locations across Middle Tennessee.

Our Specialty Services

At OPMT, we offer thorough eye exams, a variety of vision correction options, and the treatment and management of a wide range of degenerative eye conditions. Our team is trusted by so many patients from all corners of Tennessee because even when their needs are unique, we can make sure they get the care they need.

Many patients have vision issues that go beyond standard refractive errors. Dr. Durocher is a pioneer and a specialist in the areas of vision therapy and low vision rehabilitation, and as a result, OPMT is the only practice in the state of Tennessee that features these specializations. Whether your visual issues are the result of a genetic condition, an accident, or other brain or eye trauma, we can improve your vision and your quality of life.

Our other specialty services include:

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Advanced dry eye management using a variety of comprehensive in-office treatments and at-home products

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Specialty contact lens fittings, including scleral lenses for patients with corneal conditions, and Ortho-K to control myopia in both children and adults

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Individualized eye exams for children, adults, seniors, and patients with diabetes

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Consultations and pre-and post-operative co-management for patients interested in laser eye surgery

We also offer around-the-clock emergency eye care in the event that a patient experiences an eye injury or a sudden change in their vision.


Our Middle Tennessee Eye Doctors

The experienced optometrists at OPMT Vision Centers provide a range of specialty eye care services, including low vision therapy, hard-to-fit contact lens consults and fittings, and advanced treatment for dry eye syndrome.

Our team is led by Dr. Richard D. Durocher, a lifelong resident of Middle Tennessee with nearly twenty-five years of experience as an optometrist. Dr. Durocher is heavily involved in cutting-edge clinical research and specializes in low vision rehabilitation and other specialized disciplines. Along with the rest of our team of experienced doctors, technicians, opticians, and office staff, Dr. Durocher has turned OPMT into a name that’s synonymous with high-quality care and an unmatched patient experience.

Dr. Richard D. Durocher Optometrist at OPMT in Hartsville
Dr. Derek S. Peveler Optometrist Optometrist at OPMT
Dr. Khussbu Patel Optometrist at OPMT
Dr. Michael H. Harris OPMT Hendersonville Optometrist
Dr. Sarah Fowler OPMT Hendersonville TN Optometrist
Dr. Donald W. Blocker Optometrist in Portland TN
Dr. Khussbu Patel Optometrist at OPMT