Teacher Resources

School is back in session!

In a previous post, I have blogged about how our vision can affect our learning abilities. With school starting back up, our office is seeing children with common symptoms like skipping lines when reading, poor penmanship, and loss of focus. Who are the most likely to notice these symptoms? The teachers!
It’s up to all of us to educate teachers about the benefits of Vision Therapy, which can help make those symptoms subside.
Every child that is in school and a patient here, we are in contact with their teachers. We want every teacher to be aware of the benefits of VT. But it can’t stop there – parents we need your help!
Here are some ways to help:
  • Print the following Vision Quiz and give to your child’s teacher, have them fill out one for each of their students. Sounds time consuming, right? Yes, but how many children could we help if teachers were more educated about how vision affects learning? And for them to know there is a solution.
Take the Vision Quiz

A first step toward assessing if you, your child, your student has a vision problem. Write in number that best describes how often each symptom occurs:
0=Never, 1=Seldom, 2=Occasionally, 3=Frequently, 4=Always


Teacher Vision Quiz




















A score of 20 or more points indicates the need for a comprehensive vision exam.


  • Or email the teacher the COVD (College of Optometrist in Vision Development) Symptom Checklist. That way if the teacher notices any of the symptoms they can refer patient to get a comprehensive vision exam.
  • Tell the teachers about your success with Vision Therapy.
  • Meet with the principle at your child’s school and tell them about the benefits of Vision Therapy and how you believe more children could benefit.
  • Send your child’s teachers to our blog: http://nashvillevisiontherapy.blogspot.com/
  • Next time you are in our office ask for a stack of Vision Therapy pamphlets and pass to the teachers, guidance counselors, and/or principal.



I have had several parents email me asking me to send more information to teachers. Which I love to do, but it takes more that just me, we need you. Help us help others!

To the teachers that believe in Vision Therapy and the benefits, thank you! Thanks to your awareness and concern, children are getting the help they need.