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Use Your Vision Benefits Before They Disappear!

If you have a vision plan or a flex spending account, you should know that these benefits expire at the end of the year. Use them on high-quality eye care at OPMT Vision Centers!

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Annual Eye Exams Are Important. Here’s Why

Your eyes never stop changing. This is true for growing kids, retired seniors, and healthy adults alike. No matter your age, getting an annual eye exam from an eye doctor you trust is a smart choice — whether your vision has changed from last year or not, an eye exam provides an important update on the health of your eyes and a chance to prevent the development and progression of eye disease. We’re here to help you achieve clear, healthy, lasting vision!

Unused Benefits? Let OPMT Be Your Guide to Better Eye Care

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Get the Most out of Your Benefits

When you have leftover tax-free money in your HSA or FSA account or unused benefits remaining on your vision insurance, you might still have opportunities to save before the end of the year. At the end of 2021, your FSA funds may expire and your vision plan will start fresh, so use those benefits before you lose them!

FSA dollars and vision benefits can be used to cover or reduce the cost of glasses, eye exams, contacts lenses, and accessories. Want to learn more? Call us today and we’ll help you make the most of your options!

FSA dollars and vision benefits can be used to cover or reduce the cost of glasses, eye exams, contacts lenses, and accessories. Want to learn more? Call us today and we’ll help you make the most of your options!


The Widest Eyewear Selection Around!

We know how important it is to have a variety of eyewear options at your disposal. Whether you’re looking for functional frames, stylish shades, or comfortable contact lenses, you should be able to find a pair that meets all your needs. We’re home to one of the area’s largest eyewear collections, including eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. Don’t wait until it’s too late — use your remaining benefits on eyewear you’ll love to wear!


Why Choose OPMT Vision Centers

OPMT Vision Centers has a proud tradition of quality eye care in central Tennessee dating all the way back to 1889. With over 130 years of providing personalized service, our eye doctor’s wealth of experience, and our advanced diagnostic and imaging technology, we have the ability to treat eye conditions that other practices might not. Whether you need expert eye care or standout eyewear, we’ll help you find a solution that’s tailored to you.

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“I broke my glasses and thought I would be out of commission for at least 2 weeks. I called them up to see what they could do. They told me to come on in and bring my broken glasses. Within 10 minutes he put my lenses into a pair of frames and out the door I went. Greatest experience ever….. 10 Stars for sure….. Thanks for the help I truly appreciate it.“

– Richard F.

“The entire staff was great! The Dr was friendly and patient, very attentive to accuracy and detail resulting in a thorough examination. You don’t see this much anymore. He took time to answer questions, we never felt rushed Dr. seemed to have training in the latest technology in his field. My wife and I were very pleased.“

– Charles S.

“I love the personal touch given to every detail about our visit. We had very short wait times. What made them really stand out above all the other options in the area was honestly the selection of frames. I could not believe how cute the frames were. After visits to huge and famous locations I am so glad I found this local gem in my area. The prices are great and I really cannot express to you how great the selection is. They explained our options and insurance coverage so well that I had no doubt that they were working hard for me and not the insurance companies. Also can’t get enough of the receptionist. Awesome everything. Will never go to another optometrist. “

– Alexandrea M.

“My daughter is 12 and this was her first in-depth eye exam. She was really nervous, but they made her feel at ease right away. I love the staff here. They are very caring, thorough, and hilarious! We had a lot of fun with them!! “

– Cassandra P.

“It’s been years since I have had an eye exam and was so happy to have been referred here. The staff was kind and helpful. I did receive a diagnosis that I wasn’t happy to hear but was given encouraging words and was assured that my eye problem would be monitored closely. I look forward to having another eye exam in 6 month.“

– Tammy G.