Corneal Refractive Therapy

If your child is nearsighted, their eyewear is crucial for vision restoration. However, traditional contacts and eyeglasses only address the symptoms of myopia, not its underlying causes. Untreated myopia can increase the risk of eye diseases in later life. Specialty eyewear, such as CRT contact lenses, is designed to maintain the eye’s natural shape and prevent myopia from progressing. Let our team of experts guide you toward a lasting solution.

What is CRT?

Myopia causes the eyes to elongate, resembling a football rather than maintaining their spherical shape. Reverting the eye to its proper shape is done through a process called corneal molding, which is where a special Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) lens sits directly on the eye. CRT lenses are hard contact lenses worn overnight to retain the eye’s round shape and slow myopia’s symptoms, allowing for clear vision during the day without additional eyewear.

Relief and Unparalleled Comfort with CRT Contact Lenses

Over a long period of time, CRT lenses can reduce myopia’s progression and offer long-term protection against eye diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment, and more.

The benefits can impact your child’s education and social life, too — whether they play sports or have personal reasons for avoiding eyeglasses — children who wear CRT lenses love avoiding eyewear during the day, which in turn can lead to higher confidence and better school performance.


Proper myopia management comes down to finding the right treatment type for your child. Corneal molding has proven to be effective — we offer specialty contact lenses to add corneal molding to your treatment plan, which can help stall myopia’s progression.

Ortho-K Lenses

Orthokeratology (or Ortho-K) are often known as “eye retainers,” because they are worn at night while you sleep and help the eye hold its shape. They let the wearer enjoy clear vision during the day without corrective eyewear like glasses or contacts, and they are an excellent myopia management tool.

See if Corneal Refractive Therapy is Right for You!

Is your child a candidate?

Most kids enjoy the freedom of going to school unburdened by eyewear, and parents benefit from the reduced risk of broken glasses or lost contact lenses. Schedule an exam with our advanced examination technology and experienced team to see if your child is a suitable candidate for this high-quality myopia treatment.

Meet Our CRT Experts

Dr. Richard Durocher is a vision rehabilitation expert has spent more than twenty years conducting clinical research for traditional and specialty contact lenses, and his daughter Dr. Haley Durocher has helped him continue to refine his methods for making best use of CRT lenses in myopia management treatment plans. At OPMT Vision Centers, the kind of care you receive from us is informed by seasoned experts that haven’t just practiced their methods, but extensively studied them.

Why Choose Us?

If you or your child is suffering from myopia, OPMT Vision Centers is here to provide the best solution. Our experienced team is backed by cutting-edge technology and the most advanced myopia management techniques available, so not only can we effectively treat the condition, but we can adapt a personalized plan that works for you and your family’s lifestyle. We want to do more than simply offer crisp vision and a clean bill of health; we want to offer you standout solutions that match your daily routines and make you wholly comfortable — which is something our specialty and CRT contact lenses excel at.

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