My fellow teammate has helped me get more organized with my blogs. When looking at the blog scheduled for this week, the subject is “Personal Connection Blog.” I wanted to blog about something fun or exciting that I have done and related it to what I do… Vision Therapy!

Over Memorial Day weekend, I headed south to Mississippi to visit my niece, and then a couple of days later I met up with my in-laws. Don’t worry it gets more exciting. I went skydiving. Yes, you heard right, I jumped out of a perfectly functioning airplane.

But don’t worry, I did it for a good cause – I jumped out of an airplane to support and to celebrate my mother in-law’s 60th birthday. Not only that, but I also helped her cross out an item off her bucket list. After we safely landed and we calmed our nerves, we talked about the jump. She mentioned that months leading up to the jump, all she visualized (great VT word!) floating in the air and seeing what the birds saw. What she didn’t visualize was the process of jumping out of an airplane. As much as my mother-law enjoyed it, she said she would never do it again (case in point with picture down below).


You are probably thinking, how is this going to relate to Vision Therapy? Here’s a good quote I found (bold text is my emphasis):

-Any process of personal growth and healing requires us periodically to let go of what we have or of what we know and sit with the anxiety that comes with being in uncharted territory. We come to points where we recognize that what we are doing or clinging to no longer serves us. 


We must let go of what we have that no longer works for us in order to make room for the better and healthier. We can’t wait until the newer and better are here to let go of the old—we must let go and hang out in the space in-between.

It’s like jumping out of an airplane and being in free fall, waiting for the parachute to open. With time and experience, it becomes not so much terrifying as it is exhilarating, and we let go more readily of the old and are more comfortable in the space between, as we wait to discover what comes next.-

When embarking into our Vision Therapy program (uncharted territory), the experience can be terrifying (especially for a child). You have to let go of your normal to-do’s and open up room for new to-do’s (like home therapy and weekly visits). But with time and experience in the program, you begin to discover a whole new world.