A common question an individual may get asked at their eye exam is if they get floaters in their eyes.  Sometimes an individual may not know what a floater is so I would like to discuss that with you today.

Floaters can come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be little specks, strings or cobwebs that appear in your field of vision.  In the eye, we have a jelly like substance called vitreous and that substance can become more liquid. When that happens, there are microscopic fibers in the vitreous and those fibers tend to clump together and when they do that they cast a shadow on the retina, which you may see as floaters.

What causes eye floaters?

  1. Age- related eye changes
  2. Inflammation in the back of they eye
  3. Bleeding in the eye
  4. Torn retina

Eye floaters can happen at any age. They most often occur between age 50-75, especially in people who have had cataract surgery or who are nearsighted.

When should you seek medical attention for your floaters?

  1. If eye floaters worsen over time
  2. If you experience flashes of light or any vision loss is accompanied by floaters.
  3. After an eye surgery, you experience floaters
  4. If you have eye pain with your eye floaters

In most cases, most floaters don’t require treatment.  If you or someone you know experiences floaters and has questions or concerns about them, please feel free to call our Belle Meade or Hendersonville offices.