Contact Lenses and Kids

A common question encountered by eye doctors is “when is a child ready to wear contact lenses?” The fact is that there is not a specific age at which a child’s eye is ready to handle a contact. Physically, a child’s eyes will tolerate contact lenses just as well as an adult’s eyes. There are even some circumstances where eye doctors will fit infants into contacts. More important than a child’s age is their maturity level. Putting a contact lens into your eye carries a lot of responsibilities. A child must be ready to take care of their lenses and ensure proper cleaning to prevent infections and other complications.

With proper use, contact lenses pose no more threat to a child’s eyes than an adult. However, eye doctors usually recommend daily disposable contact lenses to children, since this type of lens minimizes the amount of care the wearer must take of their lenses. Disposing of the lens each night eliminates any issues that may occur with proper storing and disinfection, which is where a large part of serious complications occur. The convenience of being able to throw away the lenses each night is a plus for children and adults alike.

Contact lenses have many benefits for kids. Contact lenses offer superior performance in a sports setting. I know this was a big deal for me when I first got contact lenses in the 6th grade–no longer did I have to deal with my glasses fogging up underneath my catcher’s mask! Contacts can also be great confidence builders for children. Freeing them from glasses can greatly improve self-confidence. Our Nashville and Hendersonville eye doctors alike are experienced in fitting children in contact lenses. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about your child starting contact lens wear!