Vision Therapy Success Stories

Below is a list of Vision Therapy patients, and their success stories. Read how Nashville Vision Therapy was able to help these patients!


“I really feel that Vision Therapy has helped me. At the beginning of the year, I would spend hours studying and re-reading information to understand it. But towards the end, with more therapy, I have noticed I have been reading faster and understanding the information more.”


“Vision Therapy is hard work, but we also had some hilarious and bonding moments working through our home exercises together. It was rewarding to see clear progress and milestones achieved as his eyes grew in their ability to work together and perform some tasks I was surprised to see he initially could not do. He has grown in speed, accuracy and enjoyment in reading, which are all important. He is also looking forward to seeing his improvement in marksmanship at the youth sportsman camp this summer.”

-Lars’ Mom

“We were concerned when our son said he was seeing double and it hurt to read. We were referred to OPMT, and after weekly office visits and regular eye exercises performed at home, he is now able to converge his vision and read without problems. He had to work hard, but it worked! SO thankful to Dr. Durocher, Emily and team!”

– Austin’s Dad

“I love vision therapy and it helped my eyes so much.
The teachers were wonderful and were really fun with helping my eyes”

– Austin

Vision Therapy, Miss Emily and Dr. Durocher have changed our lives. My son’s reading fluency changed from 19 words a minute to 92 in 6 short months. His self-confidence increased, grades increased and he made the honor roll for the first time. Thank you Optometric Physicians!

-Carson’s Mom

I have been extremely happy with the results my son has gotten from doing vision therapy at Dr. Durocher’s office. Prior to the therapy, my 9 year old Matt started complaining about his vision blurring some at school. He was often saying that his eyes “hurt” too. Migraines after school became a frequent occurrence. Dr. Durocher discovered during an office visit that Matt’s eyes were not working well together. In fact, Matt’s visual perception skills were at a 4-year-old level. This was shocking to me given that he had good grades in school and was very coordinated in athletics.

We started doing vision therapy right away with Kate to help his eyes to track and focus better together. These problems were also starting to affect Matt’s reading, and it blurred some of the letters he would see. The therapy has completely corrected these issues. It’s amazing how much more excited Matt is now to read and to do his work at school. He no longer comes home from school with terrible headaches. I am so grateful to Kate for her patience and enthusiasm during all our weeks of vision therapy. She was great with Matt and did a fantastic job of helping him during therapy while also making it fun. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who’s child is struggling with these types of vision issues.

– Matt’s Mom

My daughter was diagnosed with intermittent strabismus a few years ago. Her eye floats out when she is tired or is focused on reading or schoolwork. Even though, she is eager to learn, she struggles academically. After going through a vision therapy program elsewhere, we did not see much improvement. After much research, we decided to have Dr. Durocher evaluate her. He suggested a more aggressive route with the vision therapy, along with prism glasses for reading. We have been very pleased with the results!

After sessions with Ms. Kate and our dedication to the home exercises, Chloe’s eyes are teaming together much better now. Chloe looked forward to seeing Ms. Kate every week, not only because she was fun, but also because she was motivating and encouraging! Now, Chloe finds it easier to read and she is able to do schoolwork for longer periods of time. Our family is thankful to Dr. Durocher and Ms. Kate for their care and determination to help our daughter’s eyes and help her succeed academically.

– Chloe’s Mom

A year ago, after another doctor told us the only cure for our 3-year-old son’s eye turn (esotropia) was surgery; we went to Dr. Durocher for a second opinion. He assured us that vision therapy would be a good idea to try since the trouble with Daniel’s eyes was not just his vision, but how the eyes and brain communicate. His brain was favoring the use of one eye over the other causing the eye to turn in, and the surgery would just make both eyes point in the same direction, not fixing the communication between the brain and eyes. Even if we ended up getting surgery, the Dr. said that vision therapy would promote healing and proper brain-eye coordination. At first I was skeptical, but as we did the exercises over several weeks, I noticed a great improvement. In May 2012, Daniel graduated from Vision Therapy with huge improvement in his vision and the way his eyes looked. He looks so different from how he did a year ago, he no longer says his eyes hurt, and he almost never rubs his eyes now. Daniel is now wearing prism glasses to completely un-turn the inward turning eyes, but even so his eyes are vastly improved. Daniel loved coming to Vision Therapy each week. Miss Kate was his “favewit” and he really took to doing the activities with her. He also did quite well with the at-home activities and has learned many things I didn’t think he’d know until kindergarten. Miss Kate, Dr. Durocher, and the office staff have been a joy to work with every step of the way, answering questions, tailoring Daniel’s treatment plan to him specifically, and demonstrating knowledge, care, and professionalism in their approach. I highly recommend Optometric Physicians’ Vision Therapy Program to anyone who may be able to be helped by it. For us, Dr. Durocher was able to discern the root of Daniel’s vision problem, which I really appreciate since I’ve mostly found very conventional, by-the-book health care providers in Middle TN.

-Daniel’s Mom

Soon after our son entered 1st grade, he began to show signs that resembled ADHD. For example, he was not able to focus, finish class work, and was acting out. We assumed he might need ADHD medication until one of the directors at his school suggested we have his vision checked. We saw Dr. Durocher soon after and he determined a tracking problem with his right eye. After 6 month in the Vision Therapy Program, Michael can finish his class work, is a better reader, has more confidence at school and with sports. His teacher commented on the significant impact Vision Therapy has on his school work and what a better student he had become. We are very thankful for the Vision Therapy Program and the exceptional work provided by Dr. Durocher, Kate, and the rest of the Optometric Physician’s staff. We highly recommend Vision Therapy!

-Michael’s Mom

My son Ryan was diagnosed with Convergence Excess in October 2011. We were told we would need to start Vision Therapy to correct the problem. Before we did, Ryan would splash water on his eyes, never look you in the eye, always have to use his finger to keep his place when reading, and did poorly in school. We started the therapy and in seven months, Ryan made 100% progress in being able to correct his issues and read without problem! He no longer has to splash water in his eyes, and he looks at me when he talks to me! Ms. Kate and the entire staff at Dr. Durocher’s office were patient and sincere, and we truly owe them our thanks!

-Ryan’s Mom