Workin’ the Vestibular System

Today’s blog is about balance. As you might expect, our visual system play a big role. And when we work our visual systems, our balance/coordination gets better. For more information on that, check out this blog, and this blog.

How can we speed up the process (per se) and incorporate balance either in everyday things or with our Vision Therapy exercises? Lucky you, I am going to give you some fun ideas:

  • Put a letter (or shape, picture, number, arrow) chart at eye level and walk heel toe, heel toe forward, and then backward. Basically, walk a straight line while reading a letter chart.
  • Walk a straight line while tossing a bean bag (or ball or scarf) from right to left hand.  Take it to the next level and add a letter chart while doing all that!
  • Reading a letter (or shape, picture, number, arrow) chart while bouncing (not too high) on a mini-trampoline.
  • While jumping on a mini-trampoline catch bean bags, and different sizes/types of balls.
  • Jump on the mini-trampoline to a beat. Metronomes work great! Crank it up a notch and add a letter chart. Read letters and jump to the beat. Whoa!
  • When reading or doing homework, sit on an exercise ball. You will find, that (No. 1) it is very comfortable, (No. 2) helps your attention and (No. 3) works that vestibular system.
  • Go to the play ground and use the balance beams.
  • Stand on one foot and read the letter chart. Alternate feet between every 5-10 lines.
  • Balance boards are a great tool: catch bean bags, catch/bounce balls, read the letter chart while balancing!

  • Balance boards with an arrow chart: shift your weight on the balance board  in the direction the arrow tells you. Just like the video above!

How is that for fun, fun, fun!!! Give these a try and crank up that home therapy. Make it interactive, and be creative. Have any questions? Email me: