It’s new equipment time at the office again!

Our most recent VT addition might surprise you—it’s a Wii Fit!

I’m still learning all the in and outs of the new programs that the Wii provides us with here, but what from what I’ve seen so far, this is a fantastic addition to our therapy program!

Many of the Wii Fit programs emphasize the importance of balance to good vision. I’ll explain the link between the vestibular (relating to balance) and visual system in more detail in a future blog, but the key point is that there IS a relationship between the two systems. Several of the Wii activities require the player to stand on the Wii Balance Board. By shifting your weight on the board, you can move a cross on the screen. The goal is to keep that cross in the middle of a target on the screen, while performing other visual tasks at the same time. It takes practice!

Some ways that you can incorporate this same type of thing at home? Well, if you have a Wii Fit, you can do a ton of balancing games in your very own home! No Wii Fit? No problem! Things as simple as doing home exercises while standing on one foot work on the connection between the vestibular and visual systems. Balance beams at playgrounds are another way to beef up that connection—but be careful! Be sure to mix it up—you don’t want to be staring at a TV screen all day!

I’ll keep you updated as we get more into depth with all of the new features, but until then, play on!