What You Need To Know About Buying Eyeglasses

The process of purchasing eyeglasses is often looked at in terms of convenience and cost, which is understandable! However, there is often a misconception about the importance of certain features of glasses. What many people think of as “extras” or unnecessary “add-ons” (think non-glare, scratch-resistant, and higher definition material lenses) can actually have a huge impact on the quality of vision. Keep in mind that if your doctor recommends a specific feature for your glasses, it is in the interest of making sure your vision is as excellent as possible.

One reason our patients keep coming back and buying glasses from our Nashville and Hendersonville optical departments is the wide variety of options we have available, both in lenses and eyeglass frames.

Our optical boutiques have the latest eyewear trends and include frames from designers like Kate Spade, Oliver People, Ray-Ban, and Face-A-Face, to name a few. Our opticians are excellent at offering frame-styling advice—we’ll help you fit your frame to your face shape and prescription requirements. We’re able to provide budget-friendly options for different price-points, and we’ll work with you to make sure you LOVE your new glasses!

Remember, if you have contacts, it is important to keep a back-up pair of glasses. Injury, illness, or allergies can cause you to be unable to wear your contact lenses, and having a pair of glasses can save you a lot of trouble!