Welcome Wednesday

Each month we’d like to welcome to the blog someone who has firsthand experience with visual difficulties. This month I’m happy to introduce you to Karli Costley. In the following post, Karly shares some info about her diagnosis with us:


Q. What were you diagnosed with, and when?

A. I was diagnosed with retinoblastoma [cancer affecting the eyes] in August 2008.

Q. How does it affect your daily activities? 

A. It doesn’t really affect my daily activities besides I have to change sides when I’m batting in softball and I can hardly see out of my left eye but other than that it doesn’t affect my daily activities much.

Q. What’s one good thing that’s happened because of your diagnosis? 

A. I got to get a wish granted from make a wish so my family got to go to Disney. Also I got to meet a lot of other cancer patients that became good friends of mine.

Q. Any advice for others who might be diagnosed with the same thing? 

A. Just keep praying to God to keep you healthy and never give up.

Q. Your diagnosis doesn’t define you! Tell us something about who you are and what you like! 

A. I love playing softball, basketball, and playing with friends.

You can find out more about Karli’s experience with retinoblastoma here:



A sincere Thank You to Karli and her family for sharing her experience with us!