Welcome Wednesday

Hello readers! Today I’m happy to introduce our newest Welcome Wednesday, Heather Jones. Heather deals with glaucoma and has started an excellent Facebook page where fellow glaucoma sufferers can commiserate, and share information and insight. Ms. Jones was kind enough to answer some questions for us last week, and we want to share them with you!

Q. What were you diagnosed with, and when?

A. When I was about 12 I was diagnosed with glaucoma. It was discovered at the doctor’s office when I would get checked because of prior eye problems.

Q. How has glaucoma affected your daily life?

A. The glaucoma hasn’t affected my daily activities much because I’ve had eye problems my whole life and that’s all I know. I do everything a normal person does, I just have to take eye drops every day and visit my doctor regularly.

Q. What’s one good thing that’s happened due to your diagnosis?

A. One good thing that’s happened because of my diagnosis is the glaucoma page I made. I love the connections I’m making with people and the information I get to share.

Q. What advice can you give others who may be struggling with glaucoma?

A. My advice to others would be not to worry about glaucoma and to listen to your doctor. They know what they are doing and it doesn’t have to ruin your life.

Q. Your diagnosis doesn’t define you! Tell us something about yourself!

A. I’m 19, in college, and I love to write. Maybe one day I can write about all of the experiences and opportunities that my glaucoma had given me!

Thank you so much for participating, Heather! It’s always so enlightening to hear first-hand accounts. We wish you good luck in your academic pursuits–you’re already well on your way!

To see Heather’s facebook page, please visit this link: Glaucoma Facebook Page.