Travel Therapy!

It is the holiday season, which means… lots of road trips coming our way. When I was growing up, my family traveled at least five hours to see our relatives. I remember coloring, listening to my cassette player (oh yeah!), playing Yahtzee with my brother, and playing “I Spy”. Nowadays, most of our kids are playing with electronics or watching TV.

Today’s blog is called Travel Therapy for a reason! I am going to give you some great Vision Therapy exercises to do on the road (or airplane)! Your children with have no idea they are doing therapy!

Travel Bag Goodies:

  1. Hidden Pictures: This improves your child’s Figure Ground skills.
    1. Search Google – Printable Hidden Pictures.
    2. Or go to Amazon!
  2. If you remember from this blog: Put a small sticker on the window nearest your child, and instruct him/her to look at the sticker for a few seconds, then to look outside at the farthest thing their eyes can find, and then back at the sticker again. Have your child do this at least 10 times every time they get in the car.
  3. Word Searches: Improves Visual Closure and Figure Ground skills
    1. Search Google – Printable Word Searches 
    2. Or go to Amazon!
  4. Color by number- Works on Visual Motor skills, Saccades, improves their number  recognition skills as they identify and match each number with its corresponding color using a number.
  5. Dot-to-Dot: Improves Visual Closure Skills and Visual Motor skills.
    1.  Search Google – Printable Dot-to-Dot
    2. Or go to Amazon!

6. Play “I Spy” with your children – Improves Figure Ground skills.

7. Mazes: Improves Pursuits, Figure Ground, Spatial Relations skills.

1.      Search Google- Printable Mazes

2.      Or go to Amazon

As you can see, there are many fun ways to do Vision Therapy on the road. These are all easy things to do with your children, and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Make the games fun and I promise these games are the way to go! You can do therapy wherever your holiday plans take you.