Tis the season for no school, no homework and road trips. In today’s blog we will discuss some ways of doing vision therapy on your road trips and it won’t even feel like your children are doing therapy.

Most of these exercises you can Google and print out the activities that way you can take them on the road.

  1. Hidden Pictures- Improves Figure Ground Skills
  2. Word Searches- Improves Visual closure and Figure Ground Skills
  3. Color by Number- Works on fine motor skills, saccades and improves their number recognition skills.
  4. Dot to Dot- Works on Visual closure and Visual motor skills.
  5. Mazes- Improves pursuits, Figure ground and Spatial relations
  6. Play “ I Spy” in the car or on the airplane- Improves figure ground skills.


Nowadays it is very common for children to play games on an ipad or tablet. Here are some games that can be incorporated when using technology. All you have to do is search for the game in the app store.

For Eye Movement Control (Pursuits, Saccades, Fixation)

  1. Find the Ball
  2. MatchMatch
  3. Vector Ball


For Visual Perception and Visual Discrimination

  1. Slice it
  2. Shape Shift
  3. Ready, Set, Spot


For Visual Spatial Relations, Form Constancy and Figure Ground

  1. My first tangrams
  2. Shape Builder
  3. Unblock me


These games are a lot of fun and don’t cost a lot of money. It’s something different to do while on the road and like I mentioned earlier, it won’t even feel like your children are doing therapy. If you have any questions before you start your holiday traveling, please feel free to give us a call at 615-386-3036. Or you can check out our website https://opmt.com/vision-therapy/ for more information.