The World in Color

Hello readers! I hope everyone had a safe, happy Fourth of July, full of friends, family, and fireworks! Today I want to point you toward a couple of neat podcasts I found that tackle the topic of color vision. I’ll post a blog in the near future that goes more in-depth about the mechanics of color vision and color blindness, but for now it’s only important that you know that there are varying degrees of color-blindness. People who are color-blind aren’t necessarily seeing the world like an old movie—often it’s just a few colors that are missing, which makes it difficult to differentiate between similar hues.

This first podcast from Radiolab is a long one—it explores the whole idea of color, from history to science. This podcast features a segment discussing whether gene therapy might be used to treat color-blindness. The hosts present each segment with an enthusiasm and charisma that’s contagious, and explain concepts clearly enough to understand easily: Radiolab Colors Podcast

The same gene therapy idea is bolstered by this second, shorter podcast from Scientific American:

SA Gene Therapy Podcast

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did– I’m excited to go into more detail about color-vision in the coming weeks!

Have a very happy weekend! Hopefully the weather will be than our wet holiday yesterday!