Bioptic Driving

Having low vision can impair ones ability to drive, but if an individual has mild to moderate central vision impairment and good peripheral vision, they may benefit from bioptic driving. At our Nashville location we offer a bioptic driving training program.

The first step is to meet with our low vision specialist to determine if a bioptic telescope is the right fit for you. Once the vision requirements are met for licensure then a custom bioptic will be made for you. A bioptic lens system is a combination two-lens optical system with a telescope, or telescopes, attached to the lens of a pair of eyeglasses. The telescope is placed on the eyeglass lens just above one’s normal line of sight. The driver primarily looks out of their main eyeglasses lenses (carrier lens) for general driving purposes.

When the bioptic is dispensed you will receive training in the use and handling of the bioptic with our vision rehabilitation therapist. It consists of a pre-evaluation and six sessions of bioptic training. Once the training program is completed successfully, you will be required to pass a driving evaluation with a driving instructor at an approved driving school.