Eye Issues & Diseases

We rely on our vision for so much, so it is essential that we safeguard it by protecting our eyes and undergoing regular eye exams.

Eye Disease Diagnosis and Management

Eye diseases can cause permanent vision loss, and even blindness, if they are left untreated. Unfortunately, most eye diseases rarely exhibit symptoms in their early stages, which means you may not even know something is wrong until you begin to experience vision loss.

Comprehensive eye exams are the only way to detect many eye diseases in their early stages.

For more information about eye disease diagnosis and management, including information on common eye diseases, please visit our Eye Disease Diagnosis and Management page.

Safeguard your vision. Request your comprehensive eye exam today!

Emergency Eye Care

Do not put your vision at risk. Even a seemingly minor injury or problem can compromise your vision and eye health. If you are experiencing an eye care emergency, please call your nearest OPMT Vision Centres location or proceed to the nearest emergency room.

For more information about eye emergencies, including first aid for common eye emergencies, please visit our Emergency Eye Care page.