Pollen, Pollen, Pollen! It’s Everywhere!

It was a gorgeous weekend. Did you get to play catch with your children this past week? I played ball with my dog, Duke at Centennial park this weekend, and he loved every minute!

Being outside these past couple weeks has caused many patients to come into our office with itchy, red eyes and swollen eyelids, with lots of watering to go with it. Any of those symptoms sound familiar? I bet, because it’s allergy season!

Did you know? Nashville is ranked 36th in the Allergy Capitals for 2013. Check it out: Spring Allergy Chart

Also if you are curious about the activity of pollen throughout America check out this website: The Weather Channel

Very interesting! How can this information help us? One, it shows we are not alone! Two, it shows us we have to be more cautious during this season. It illustrates the many allergens in the air which are causing those red, itchy, watery eyes.

Feeling overwhelmed by all this allergy news? Don’t worry, there are many solutions!

The first treatment is avoiding it! To alleviate allergy symptoms, stay inside with the air conditioner on. Make sure you use high quality furnace filters that trap common allergens and replace the filters frequently.

If outdoors activities are more your style, make sure to wear wrap-around sunglasses to help shield you eyes from the many allergens.

Another option is medication. Some over-the-counter eye drops are great choices to relieve allergy symptoms. Call us 615-386-3036 or email us at vt@rdeyes.com if you would like guidance on which eye drops would be the best fit for you.  If symptoms persist even after given the recommended drops, please make an appointment with us!

A special note to all the contact lens wearers out there: cleaning your contacts becomes even more important during this time. Excess airborne allergens can get on your lenses and cause discomfort. If you wear contacts and would like to find an eye-drop to relieve your allergy symptoms, please contact our office. Some drops can discolor or damage certain lenses, and we want to keep you comfortable AND seeing well!

Let’s all protect our eyes during these season! We can help!