Perceptual Skills, Part II: Visual Memory

Today we’ll continue our series on Perceptual Skills and discuss Visual Memory. Previously, we have touched on the importance of visualization. We talked about how it can affect different subjects in school. Let’s do an updated review on Visual Memory.


So what is Visual Memory? Visual Memory helps us recall what we’ve seen. Obtaining maximum visual information in the shortest possible time provides for optimal academic and athletic performance. The ability to retain this information over an adequate period of time is essential for proficiency in reading comprehension and spelling.

The Visual Memory sub-test on the Perceptual Motor Evaluation (PME) measures the ability to remember a single form. If there are dysfunctions in visual memory, it may cause students to have difficulty recognizing the same word on the next page and reduce reading comprehension. It will also result in prolonged time copying assignments and difficulties transferring information from one place to another.  Does your child have challenges with remembering a word they just read? If so, there is a solution! Through Vision Therapy we can develop good Visual Memory skills. Stay tuned next time because we will review Spatial Relations!