Part V: Sequential Memory

Hope all is well in the Vision Therapy world!

Last week I was in Fort Worth, Texas, for a COVD seminar. It was a great experience to interact with other therapists. I will expand more on my experience in the next couple of posts.
Today’s blog is going to be about Sequential Memory. There are two types of Sequential Memory we work on here: Auditory and Visual Sequencing. Auditory Sequential and Visual Sequential Memory skills are the ability to remember things heard and seen in sequence.  

Students that have trouble with both Sequential Memories experience difficulty copying from the board, learning to read, remembering what they have read, and being able to complete a task in the order they were given.

If there is difficulties with both, can you imagine how hard school can be? As you can imagine saying 91 + 1 or 19 + 1 or spelling “t-a-r” instead of “r-a-t” or reading “dog” instead of “god” could completely change the meaning of a situation.

Sequential Memory is very important peceptual skill in our everyday life. If you would like some steps to help improve both skills, email me at: