New School Year is Not the Only Thing New Around Here

I don’t know about you, but this year is flying by. A month has passed since Duke has graced this blog!

What have we been up too? A new doctor – Dr. Dale Martin – has joined our team, we opened a new office in Hendersonville, and a lot more. Busy busy busy!

Yes! You heard me, we have a new office in Hendersonville! Though that office isn’t offering vision therapy, we provide Comprehensive Eye Exams, Contact Lenses, Advanced Dry Eye Treatment, and Pediatric Vision Care.

School is also back in session. With the new school year started that means new teachers. Do they know your child is/was in a Vision Therapy program? Do they know about classroom accommodations? Email me, if you need help with communicating with teachers:

Keep me posted if you need any assistance with therapy at home and communication with teachers.