Low Vision Success Stories

Below is a list of Low Vision patients, and their success stories. Read how Optometric Physicians of Middle Tennessee was able to help these patients!

I had significant central vision loss beginning in 1997 due to a rare genetic disorder called pseudoxanthoma elasticum. The event left me feeling very bleak about my future.

I did quite a bit of research about low aids and went through the Tennessee Vocational Rehabilitation program. It seem as though what I read about on the internet and what I was being offered in low vision evaluations was quite different. It seemed as though the process of matching low vision aids to meet the needs of the visually impaired was very limited and not at all helpful. Then I became a patient of Optometric Physicians of Middle Tennessee. It is here that after 10 years of not driving I learned how to drive again with the use of a bioptic lens.

The process of exploring and putting to use low vision aids that work is sometimes frustrating, and trying an aid in the office for 10 minutes that seems like it would be great ends up not being useful at all with “real-life” application.

In my experience, Dr. Durocher’s approach combines forward thinking, empathetic listening, and years of training, research and professional practice to come up with the most effective solutions for improved sight with the use of low vision aids.

Recently I was fitted with a pair of adjustable telescope glasses which I intended to use for a particular task in my work. After several frustrated attempts to use them, I told Dr. Durocher that they just didn’t work. Instead of giving up, he created a brand new adaptation for the device which did improve it for my purposes. It is this type of forward thinking and determination to give the patient 100 percent satisfaction that makes Dr. Durocher a “standout” in his field. Combine this with an office and optical staff that delivers service with a blend of professionalism and friendliness, and you will not look further for Optometric Services!


Some few years ago, I was afflicted with a fast-acting form of Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). I soon lost most of my central vision and was unable to meet the requirements for driving in Tennessee. My inability to drive presented serious problems for my wife and me since we live thirty miles from the nearest town. After searching the internet, I discovered Optometric Physicians of Middle Tennessee, located in Nashville. There I was tested for, fitted and trained in the use of Bioptic Telescopic Lenses, which enable me to meet the Tennessee Department of Transportation vision requirements for persons suffering from AMD. For the past fiveyears, Dr. Durocher and his professional staff have examined and treated my eyes and made necessary adjustments to my telescopic glasses. I have been very impressed by Dr. Durocher’s personal concerns for my well-being, and am grateful for all he has done to ensure I continue to meet the vision standards for driving in Tennessee. I live nearly 200 miles from Dr. Durocher’s office, but am happy to drive to Nashville every six months for his examination and treatment.


I went to my optometrists in 2003. I was having problems seeing-especially reading. Thinking it was cataracts, I was told I had Advances Macular Degenerative (AMD). I was referred to an ophthalmologist. He did several tests and referred me to a retina specialist.

The retina Doctor did lots of tests. I had several injections and laser treatments on my eyes. I also had vein occlusions in my right eye. I still see my retina doctor. When I saw him on June 2010, I was told my vision was worse, and I could not legally drive. I was referred to Dr. Durocher who treats Low-Vision patients. He spent approximately 3 hours with me on my first visit- explaining my problems and doing a lot of tests. After working with me for sometime, he was able to improve my vision with new glasses, and I could see good enough to keep driving.

Dr. Durocher has improved my vision by prescribing me with new glasses and now I can read and drive much better. Being able to do this is a real blessing. He also did collagen implants, and put me on fish-oil capsules.

I’ve been very happy with all the help and concerns of Dr. Durocher and his staff. After all his hard work when I can see better he always says, “That’s why I love my job.” I highly recommend him to anyone with Low-Vision problems.