It’s a Brain Thing

Coming back from the seminar, I was filled with more knowledge and therapy procedures. I was excited to show my patients some new fun exercises. Today I am going to share some of my notes I  wrote down:

  • Eye turn is not the problem- only a symptom.
  • Eye turn is not an eye muscle problem- hence why surgery to correct an eye turn is just a cosmetic treatment.
  • Not an eye muscle problem- it is a brain thing
  • 3-6 mounts of age is when eye teaming develops
  • Eye turn is a binocular vision problem
  • Goal in vision therapy is to make the patient a two eyed person
  • 83% of the acuity goes back with just passive patching. Passive patching: just putting a patch over “strong eye” to use “weaker eye” for a number of hours without any stimulation.
  • Does your child have a constant head tilt? Head tilt to the left means your right eye is dominant. Head tilt to the right means you are left eye dominant.
  • Head tilt compensates for what going on. It helps suppress other eye.
  • The eyes don’t tell us what to see. The brain tells your eyes what to look for.
  • Sue Barry- does Brock String exercise 5-10 minutes a day. Still!
  • With Vision Therapy we try to develop a new neuro-pathway.
  • If the visual system is not your child’s dominant sense then they touch everything or are easily distracted. Who can relate with this?
  • Call the “good/strong eye” the “teaching eye” and the “bad/weaker eye” the “learning eye”.

The is just a tidbit I took away from this past weeks seminar. I defiantly had a lot of “aha” moments. Have you learned anything new recently? Or have any “aha” moments? Share it!  Until next time! Have a great weekend.