It is Library Time

This week, I have had a lot my parents talk about how they took their children to the library. That inspired me to write about how the library is a great resource!

This quote sums it up great:

By providing a wide range of material and activities, public libraries provide an opportunity for children to experience the enjoyment of reading and the excitement of discovering knowledge and works of imagination. The Public Library Service – IFLA/UNES CO Guidelines for development, 2001

My favorite thing about this quote is how one of the guidelines for the Public Library, is to expand a child’s imagination! I believe that imagination goes hand-in-hand with visualization. What’s not to like about that! I wrote about how Visualization is so important in learning.

This week, go the library and check out some Magic Eye Books! The book are know as “aerobics for the eyes.” And it is said that they improve vision, relax the body and calm the mind! These books will help you focus your eyes together to see a 3D image pop. It is fun!

Support your local library and let your children’s imagination run wild!

Click the link to see what’s going on at the Nashville Public Library.