Introducing Ultra for Presbyopia Contact Lenses

Bausch and Lomb has introduced a new contact lens: Ultra for Presbyopia. This is a monthly multifocal lens. If you experience blurred vision at near, you may be a candidate for this new contact lens.

What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia usually occurs in people over 40 when people experience blurred vision at near with activities such as reading or computer work. This is caused by the a thickening and loss of flexibility of the natural lens in the eye.

Facts about Ultra for Presbyopia:

  • It has a 3 zone progressive designs which offers outstanding near, intermediate and distance vision.
  • It is designed for a successful first fit
  • The lens is designed with a thin edge for comfort
  • Maintains 95% of it’s moisture for up to 16 hours

We offer Ultra for Presbyopia at each of our 4 locations in Hendersonville, Lafayette, Lebanon and Nashville Tennessee. Please talk to your eye doctor today to see if these new contacts are the right fit for you.

For more information about Ultra for Presbyopia contact lenses: