Happy 2016!

It’s a new year and a new start. People have started to set goals of losing weight, getting organized or eating healthier, but what if you had one simple goal of 2016? Getting an eye exam and keeping up with your ocular health?

Eye exams are professional screenings used to evaluate the health of the eye and diagnose vision impairments and disease. A comprehensive eye exam can identify vision complications during their earliest stages, providing eye doctors the opportunity to treat them more easily.

Eye diseases are the number one cause of blindness. Most of these diseases can be treatable or have the progression slowed down with the proper management. It is important to know your family history and  schedule your exams regularly in order to better prevent and treat certain eye diseases.

Please call us today to schedule your eye exam at one of our four convenient locations in Nashville, Hendersonville, Lafayette or Lebanon. Eye care is so important and our eye doctors want to be sure that you start your new year seeing as well as possible!