Happy New Year!

I would like to start the first blog of the New Year by taking the time and share the top 5 most popular blog posts in 2013.

1. Workin’ the Vestibular System

2. Wii Fit

3. Family Game Night

4. Work That Peripheral Vision

5. Treatment Tools

I really enjoyed those blogs, they were very interactive. I’m looking forward to doing more blogs like that this year.

All these blogs have one main thing in common: they involve a lot of hands on activities. If you know me, I am all about hands-on activities! We are becoming a generation where our children’s “hands-on” activities are on an iPad.

When children are very young, their visual systems are still developing. Developing children need to interact with objects in real space. It’s how they develop depth perception, eye teaming, tracking and other visual skills.

I am going to say it again- developing children need to interact with objects in real space! Not on a flat screen. Here is an article I found this past December, have been wanting to share. The article is called, “Generation of iPad children who cannot hold a pencil:Playing with touch-screen devices means youngsters are struggling to learn basic motor skills.”

I want this generation to be the best, and we as parents need to do whatever we can to keep our children active and creative. Interact with the world! I promise there is a lot to learn.