FrameFeature Friday: WooDone

I’m so excited to present one of our newest frame-lines, WooDone! This Italian frame-line was handpicked by our office at this year’s Vision Expo East. We are one of 3 retailers of this line in the US! The other purchase locations are NYC and LA. A quote from the WooDone website:
“Inspired by the love for our region South Tyrol, the mountains, and of course the nature, we are manufacturing in the Dolomites, unique, high quality and very light frames made of wood.
Every single frame is produced by hand and with extreme precision, from a piece of plywood.
Thanks to a special coating the wood glasses are very easy to clean, hypoallergenic and resistant to weathering.
After months of studies and creation of many prototypes, we have succeeded to create the spectacle out of one piece of wood veneer finished with a special glazing system.
Done by nature, designed for your eyes.”
Pictured is one of several WooDone frames that we have here at our office. Stop by and check them out!
Curious about how wooden frames might be affected by makeup/sweat/elements? Find answers about all of that at the WooDone website: