Frame Feature Friday

Today I want to talk about some of the eyewear options available in our Belle Meade and Hendersonville office. If you are looking for eyeglasses that provide a timeless, sophisticated look, and are extremely light-weight, then our Silhouette line of frames is a good choice for you.

Silhouette was first conceived in Austria in 1964. Since then they have become the leader in rimless eyewear. One excellent feature is the ability to mix and match frame and lens designs. So if you see one frame that you like but like the lens shape of another better, no problem! Our opticians will be able to order you whatever combination that you like the best.

Fun fact: Silhouette is the approved eyewear of NASA astronauts. The enhanced peripheral vision given by a rimless design combined with feather light frame make Silhouette the perfect pair of glasses for going to space. In fact, Silhouettes have been worn on over 30 space missions!

If you are interested in Silhouettes, talk to our eye doctors about whether your eyeglass prescription is a good fit for these excellent frames!