A couple weeks ago we got in a new line of frames called NW77th at our Belle Meade office.   These are modern eyeglasses with sophisticated designs. These frames are very lightweight, come in a variety of colors and designs. The frames are made out of a special material which is surgical grade stainless steel.  The steel has been folded many times to create the perfect look.  This surgical grade stainless steel is stronger and more durable than any other metal on Earth.

The family-owned company who designs these eyeglasses use 3D printers to make the designs on the frames.  Fun Fact: All of the NW77th frames are handmade, hand polished and finished.  If you love getting compliments on your eyeglasses then these frames are perfect for you because these frames are definitely compliment worthy. If you are interested in a frame from the NW77th line, talk to our eye doctors about whether your eyeglass prescription is a good fit for these excellent frames!