Foodie-Friday—no small potatoes!

Welcome to our first edition of Foodie Friday! Once a month, I’ll be posting recipes that focus on foods that are GREAT for your eyes!

This is the month of all things SWEET POTATO!

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of Vitamin A, which is essential for healthy eyes. It protects the cornea, and helps to combat dry-eye. Sweet potatoes also contain beta-carotene which can be turned into vitamin A by our bodies. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant and may reduce the risk of cancer.


Ready to jump on the sweet potato bandwagon? Read on!



Sweet potato fries

The creator of these fries spent hours perfecting a delicious recipe:



Sweet potato pie

An oldie but a goodie! Try this 5-star pie from


Wildcard (vegan friendly!)

Sweet potato/banana smoothie

A frosty treat for these warmer months! This is the only recipe I have personally tried so far (I bought 2 lbs of sweet potatoes, so the rest of the dishes are on my very-near horizon), and it’s delicious! I added a bit of honey and a splash of vanilla to kick the flavor up.


Hungry for more info on sweet potatoes? Check out the following links:






If you make any of the recipes, or have your own sweet potato facts/foods to share, please feel free to comment below!


Happy Eating!