Wedding season is in full-force–in fact, I headed up to the great white north (okay, Ohio) to see some dear friends tie the knot this very weekend. In keeping with the matrimonial spirit that’s perfuming the late spring air with love, I’m putting our usual Frame Feature Friday on hold to present a post dedicated to all things eyes and weddings!

With so many minute details to plan, eye-health can’t be very high on any couple’s wedding priority list. That’s okay, I’ve got you covered with this wedding-eye-health-timeline!


Before any aisles or cakes or celebrating, there’s the planning. There are hours and HOURS of planning, and that probably means staring at a computer screen for longer than it will take you to actually get married. Staring at a computer screen often induces Computer Vision Syndrome—CVS—which includes eye-strain, blurred vision, dry eyes, and a host of other symptoms that you can read about here. Remember to take breaks from looking at your screen! Follow the easy-to-remember 20/20/20 rule: at least every 20 minutes, take at least 20 seconds, and focus on something about 20 ft away. This gives your eyes a much-needed break, and lets the rest of you relax too!

The Great Debate!

It’s common for a bride to plan every teeny tiny thing about her wedding, right down to her bridesmaids’ eyewear. While many favor the look of contact lenses over glasses, there are a few things to keep in mind: contacts can be uncomfortable, and when your eyes hurt, it’s pretty difficult to pay attention to anything else. If a bridesmaid isn’t used to contact lenses, they might prove to be a distraction on the day of the wedding. Another thing to consider is that generally, glasses provide crisper vision to a wearer than contacts. To be sure that everyone is taking in and appreciating all those details you planned, try to find it in your heart to accept any comfortable vision correction someone may choose!

Wedding Day!

Happy tears leaving you with puffy eyes? Have no fear! Check out our earlier post for tips on reducing the puff naturally here.

And speaking of tears, they can do a number on your makeup! Things to remember? If you are a contact lens wearer, put your lenses in BEFORE you have your makeup done. This keeps the lenses clean and prevents makeup-smudging. Opting for glasses? Search the internet for some great tips on eye-makeup for glasses-wearers. And remember WATERPROOF mascara/eyeliner!

Stay Hydrated!

Plenty of couples report being too busy during their big day to remember to eat or drink. Assign a friend the task of making sure you stay hydrated by drinking PLENTY of water. Drinking enough water is great for your whole body, and will keep your eyes in peak performance so that you don’t miss a second of your day!

Sun Protection for your guests!

Most people love the idea of getting married on a beautiful sunny day, but not everyone remembers how important UV protection is for your eyes! For more info on that, check out our earlier post here. Keep the dangerous UV rays at bay by providing shades for your guests:

(thanks to for posting this awesome picture!)

And remember to snag a couple for yourselves, to keep you well-protected for the honeymoon! Which reminds me…


The best tip I have for you here is remember to order your contact lenses with plenty of time to receive them before leaving for a trip. There’s nothing worse than panicking because you remember last-minute that you’ll only have enough lenses to get you through the first day!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, joyful, healthy wedding season! Any great pictures of glasses or amazing wedding makeup? Feel free to share!