Do you have a dominant eye?

People have a dominant hand that they write with and they also have a dominant leg that they kick with, but did you know that you also have a dominant eye? You use both eyes to see, but one eye works just a little bit harder than the other.

Here is a quick and easy way to find out what eye is your dominant eye:

1. Extend arms out front. Bring your hands together, palms facing away, and form a small hole with thumb and forefingers (see picture below).
2. Find an object about 15 feet away from you and focus on that object through that hole with both eyes open.
3. Now, close one eye then the other eye. If you close your left eye and the object stays put then you are right eye dominant. If you close your right eye and the object stays put then you are left eye dominant.
4. If the object you are looking at moves or “jumps” out of the hole then that is not your dominant eye.

Knowing which eye is your dominant eye helps you aim in sports, darts or archery. If your dominant eye is your left eye then shoot with your left hand. When looking through a telescope you automatically look through it with your dominant eye unintentionally. Keep in mind that if you are right-handed it doesn’t always mean that your right eye is your dominant eye.