Decorative Contact Lenses


Halloween right around the corner and everyone is shopping around to find the perfect costume.  There may be one accessory that you may be looking for to add just a little something extra to your look- decorative contact lenses.  We all have seen them and yeah they make your costume great because who wouldn’t want to have vampire eyes or orange eyes for one night, but you have to be careful when thinking about using these contact lenses.  There is a FDA warning about these decorative contact lenses because they are not corrective lenses and contact lenses are regulated as a medical device. If these decorative contact lenses are not used properly they can cause infections or allergic reactions.

Some information about decorative contact lenses:

  1. They are not corrective lenses, they are purely for fashion.
  2. They are not cosmetics or over the counter merchandise.
  3. It does not always fit your eye.  When you go to the eye doctor for contacts they do certain tests to measure your cornea to find a contact that will fit your eye. If the contact does not fit properly on your eye it can cause damage to your eye because it can scratch your cornea, cause conjunctivitis, or infections.
  4. When you buy decorative contact lenses without the help of a professional, you may not be educated on how to properly take care of the lenses.

If you want to buy decorative contact lenses, here’s how you can buy them safely.

  1. Get an eye exam from an eye doctor.
  2. Get a valid prescription.
  3. But your lenses from a vendor who requires a prescription.
  4. Get educated on how to properly clean and take care of the lenses.

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