Daily Disposable Contacts


Today, I wanted to talk to you about Daily Disposable contact lenses.  These lenses will be worn everyday, but at the end of the day you can throw them away and they can be replaced with new lenses. Disposable lenses have become the most common type of contact lenses!

Daily disposable lenses are convenient because no cleaning is required and since you replace them everyday you will avoid all the day to day build up. These lenses are convenient and can be healthier for you eyes because you do not wear them at night, so you are at a low risk for harmful build up on the lens surface.

But how much do Daily Disposable contacts cost?

Good question! The cost varies depending on what prescription you have, where you live and also what eye doctor you go to. These contact lenses are more affordable than people would expect and you also have the option to buy a year’s supply worth of contacts! You also do not need to buy any lens cleaner as you replace your lenses everyday, so that cuts down on the cost.  You won’t even need to buy a contact lens case either! No cleaning or care is required! Talk about convenient!

If wearing Daily Disposable contacts interests you, please stop by our Nashville or Hendersonville office and have one of our eye doctors examine your eyes and see if these are a right fit for you!