Contact Lens Study

Hello all!

You may or may not know that we often participate in Contact Lens Studies here at the office. What does that mean? We work with contact lens developers to help test the latest greatest contact lenses that are designed to improve vision, comfort, and overall quality of people’s contact lens experience.

We completed a study last fall, and were happy to participate in another this spring, starting TODAY!

This study is focused on multifocal contact lenses. Never heard of them? You can think of them sort of like you think of bifocal glasses—multifocal lenses allow you to see distance and near, without having to put on a pair of readers, or take your lenses out!

The study we’re helping to conduct this time around is testing out DAILY multifocal lenses—currently multifocal lenses are typically worn on a monthly basis, requiring maintenance and care that any monthly lens would need. Daily contacts are thrown away at the end of each day, reducing the amount of time spent taking care of the lenses. Daily lenses are also thinner (since they don’t have to hold up for more than a day), which most wearers find more comfortable.

We’ll be conducting our part of the study for the next two weeks. It’s shaping up to be a busy, productive summer here at Optometric Physicians!

Questions about multifocal contact lenses? Send them our way!