One of my favorite news apps on my phone is the CNN app. I like the quick videos, and articles of the current events happening around the world. I will say, the “Distraction” videos on CNN are always a favorite.

While reading some articles, I stumbled upon this: Man: 3-D movie changed my sight for the better. It is about a man who “had poor depth perception. His eyes pointed outward and did not allow him to see, in stereo, a single image with both eyes.” One day he went to see Hugo in 3-D and “to his amazement, the characters and scenery in this film jumped out at him in greater stereo vision than he had experienced before.” And even after the movie ended, “perception of the real world was enhanced as well. A lamppost jumped out from the background, and the trees, cars, and people looked somehow more vivid.”

Did the 3-D movie cure his poor depth perception and make his eyes point in the same direction? Read the rest of the article to see what happens! Stereo Sue makes an appearance in the article too!

It was a very interesting article, that I was so excited to read! Has anyone else found any great articles, that you were excited to see that related to Vision Therapy? Pass it along!

Have a happy 4th of July!