Best Methods for Naturally reducing puffy eyes

Last week, I started researching ways to naturally reduce puffy eyes, which are a consistent (and according to family photo albums, seemingly genetic) problem for me. Like anyone, I want to be well informed when it comes to looking good and being comfortable, and I found several natural methods for de-puffing eyes.

So I did what any good blogger would do for you: I tested them so that I could report the most effective natural remedies. What did I try, you ask?

  • Cucumber slices
  • Tea bags
  • Salt-water lid wipes
  • Cold (refrigerated) spoons


A simple google search will tell you how to try each of these methods. Here’s a breakdown of how it went for me:


Other important things to keep in mind: drink plenty of water, get the right amount of sleep (too little or too much can make you more prone to puffiness), and eat well (especially, reducing salt intake may help puffy eyes)!

The MOST important thing to remember: if your eye(s) are swollen due to injury, or if the puffiness is sudden, seems to be for no reason, or accompanied by pain or discomfort, make an appointment to see your eye doctor as soon as possible.