Vision Rehab

Vision Rehab or also know as, Neuro-optometric rehabilitation, is an individualized treatment regime for patients with visual deficits as a direct result of a brain injury.

Brain injuries can come in many forms. Below are some common diagnoses:

Essentially, Traumatic Brain Injury or Acquired Brain Injury is an insult to the brain, such as a blow to the head, stroke, or neurological dysfunction. The insult can produce cognitive, sensory or physical impairments; most are amenable to rehabilitation. The following is a list of symptoms of visual problems which can result from brain injuries:

Here at Optometric Physicians, we want to be able to help our patients regain control and independence in everyday living situations. We will retrain, strengthen, or sharpen vision. The goal of the therapy is to train healthy parts of the brain to perform the work of the damaged part of the brain.

Please note: Vision Rehabilitation services are only offered at our Nashville location